Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fury TKO's McDermott

In their highly anticipated English title rematch and British title eliminator Tyson Fury successfully defeated John McDermott via 9th round TKO when the waved the fight off after the 3rd knockdown of the fight.

Fury vs McDermott II Round by Round

Round 1: Fury is tentative but is using the ring and jabbing from a distance while John tries to get under his long arms. Fury lands a nice right. John connects a few but doesn't hurt Fury as he showboats and gets hit wobbles more out of being off balance. and does the old left right trick on John.

Round 2: Fury is still tentative but John is stalking him trying to get inside the jab, but Fury lands a big jab. Much better boxing this round from Fury. John had some success getting inside the overhand from Fury, but once he got there he did not do much. More one, two's from Fury and a big body shot. Then McDermott lands a shot and hurts Fury but Fury is ok and lands some powerful shots on McDermott on the ropes.

Round 3: McDermott still going forward and nice body shots from Fury. John lands a nice straight right but a uppercut is given back by Fury. More body shots by Fury in the round as John comes forward. Later on John lands a nice right while Fury looks like he is resting on the ropes. John then lands some nice body shots and Fury lands a nice uppercut.

Found 4: Fury is waiting lands some heavy body shots and ties up nicely inside. John lands a nice left Fury lands a big right. Tyson is looking sharper but John lands a good left. Tyson's chin took it well and then John lands a good right but Fury sticks with circling and jabbing well. John lands a good uppercut but it does not hurt Fury. Fury starts to look a little tired by the end of this round.

Round 5: John really starts to attack and for about half the round is winning the round. Later on Fury lands some more body shots but is getting caught on occasion when he is coming in on John. His defense does appear better in this fight against John than in their 1st outing. Later in the round Fury lands a good double jab and uppercut and John is hurt but his chin takes it well. Now by the end of the round when John attacks Fury stands his ground and really unleashes some fast body shots on John.

Round 6: McDermott comes out strong and presses Fury back and lands a big right. John is really fired up and it's all John in the 1st minute. Then all of a sudden McDermott lands a big right on Fury and Fury looks completely lost. Fury lands body shots and leans on John about 3 or 4 times which was enough to cause the referee David Parrish warns Fury who at this point is exhausted. John continues stalking and lasts uppercuts and Fury still is leaning on John and there is a cut from what I believe was a clash of heads. John lands a left hook and Fury holds the whole round. Fury keeps on looking over at his corner and shaking his head.

Round 7: Fury starts the round off backing up and holding on as John stalks him. Fury lands some nice body shots but John just keeps on coming. Fury lands a nice right and then holds a little and lands some shots from time to time throughout the round. Tyson is clearly exhausted and John shows great heart and conditioning despite being by appearance in worse shape. As a result Fury doesn't have the jab or boxing he had in the 1st few rounds at this point. Fury still ties up and John lands some good body shots inside and right hooks. The referee takes a point away from Fury for holding.

Round 8: Fury gets up slowly from his stool and John is charging him and Fury is leaning on him and looks exhausted. John lands a good right on Tyson's chin but Tyson takes it well. Fury is trying to get his breath, staying away tying up when close and sometimes even walking with his back almost turned. Clearly tired. Midway through the round Fury takes it to John. Fury lands some flush shots and McDermott goes down! John gets up but looks wobbly and legs looks heavy as he walks back to his corner.

Round 9: Both John and Fury come out strong. Great right from McDermott and counter shot from Fury sends John to the canvas again. John gets up and Fury lands a great uppercut and right hand and John goes down again. John barely beats the count but looks completely out on his feet and the ref waves off the fight. TKO victory for Tyson Fury!

With this win, Fury is now 11(9)-0 , while McDermott falls to 25(16)-7(3).

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