Monday, January 26, 2009

Tyson Fury Chat

This is the chat room for fans to talk about the new heavyweight boxing sensation Luke "Tyson" Fury. There will also be scheduled events where fans can come on and chat on these scheduled dates and times. Enjoy!

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  1. being a brit i want to see tyson fury do well but to be brutally honest as he steps up in class if meeting a puncher i beleive he will get knocked out, twice now hes been just about out on his feet from not noted punchers who where journeyman,admitted there is nobody around apart from the klitchkos and haye, and im worried for tyson as he keeps constantly flinching and seems to have developed a kind of facial twitch,these really arent good signs,still i hope tyson can prove me wrong. also david haye will knockout vitali klitchko he carries his hands to low and hasnt got the reflexes of haye,get your money on david haye if it comes off.


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