Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fury McDermott II Weigh-In

Today was the weigh-in for the the rematch and English title clash between Tyson Fury 10(8)-0 and John McDermott 25-6(16). The fight will also be a British heavyweight title eliminator. Fury weighed in at 19 stone 4lb or 270 lbs while McDermott weighed in at 18 stone 2lb or 254 pounds.

Fury McDermott II Weigh In Video

Fury Quotes

"It was a hard and tight fight [the last time], but this time there will be no doubt about the winner. "I got the vote on the night, but too many people have told me I deserved to lose. I will put that right. If I'm any good I'll beat McDermott. If I lose I will pack up my gloves and get a job. I don't want to box at a lower level - what's the point?"

This should be a interesting match since their last fight was a debatable decision in favor of Fury with Fury getting 98 to 92 decision victory. Interesting enough even though Fury weighs more in this fight, he actually looks trimmer. So maybe he has been hitting some weights. Let's see if that hurts or helps him in the ring. I think we might see some stronger punching power this time from Fury. We will have to see.

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