Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kevin Johnson Interested In Fighting Fury

Since the planed fight with Francois Botha fell through for February 19th and Tyson Fury is still looking for an opponent, American Kevin Johnson says he would step up to the plate.  Kevin Johnson (24-1-1) is best known for his 12 round unanimous decision loss to current WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko in 2009.  Here's what the "Kingpin" had to say,

“Now that the BBBC has rejected Francois Botha as an opponent for you, I want to be the first to offer myself as an opponent for you. I’ve been hearing a lot of noise coming out of the UK about how tough you are how you are the future of boxing. So I say step up and prove yourself like a man. I can come to you on this short notice and we can get it on. Stop hiding behind your promoter and stop fighting those stiffs. Let’s see if you can earn yourself a title fight by beating the ‘Kingpin’ Kevin Johnson. I got my gloves, my trunks and my passport and I’m ready to travel. If you are scared, I understand. Just admit it and I’ll move on.”

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