Friday, March 5, 2010

Fury Blasts Blasko In 1

Tyson Fury easily dispatched with heavyweight Hans-Joerg Blasko (9-3-0 coming into the fight) inside 1 round via a KO victory which was the chief supporting bout to the main card of Sykes vs. Morris for the British Super Featherweight title in Huddersfield.

This is what Fury said before the fight about his opponent..

“Just like my team Manchester United, I need to make a point this weekend. I’ve been away and it’s time to return back to my slot as the number one domestic heavyweight, in the premier league of boxing.”

“Forget that other London rival, Derek Chisora, he’s just been keeping my seat warm. While he’s been snogging men, I’ve been sparring them. Once I’m done with Blasko on Friday night, I’ll maybe have another fight before resolving the McDermott situation once and for all.”

“In my opinion it’s no surprise Danny Williams swerved Chisora. After all he has a wife and kids and you know, that’s not his thing.” laughed Fury “I’ve been saying for a while I would knock out Chisora, but maybe I should offer to put him to bed, that may be the right approach for a man of his inclination.”

“But joking aside, if you’re reading this Derek, I’ve got a big smack on the lips waiting for you at the end of the year if you’re up to the job.”

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