Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fury KO's Selezens

It took only 3 rounds tonight for 21 year old Tyson Fury to remain undefeated 7-0(7) and score his 7th win and 7th knockout as he defeated the 29 year old Aleksandrs Selezens of Latvia by KO who fell to 3-7(1). His opponent did not look in the best of shape, but none-the-less Fury remains undefeated and he plans to stay busy this year.

Fury entered the ring smiling to Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" and started off the 1st round easily landing the right and again throughout the round and finished the round with a left right left combination. His opponent did little to nothing.

In round 2, more of the same and in round 3, his opponent finally got a punch in with the Fury's hand left hand held low. That's all that Selezens did really. For the whole third round Tyson dominated with rights to the head and body, and by the end of the round had his opponent in trouble with a couple of right uppercuts to the chin. Selezens was down against the ropes, and managed to beat the count, but his corner through in the towel.

This was a pretty easy match, but Tyson is going to fight for the English heavyweight title when he takes on "Big Bad" John McDermott in September which should be a sterner test for him...

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