Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fury Stops Peret

UK's unbeaten Luke Tyson Fury 3-0(3) ended up winning his 3rd professional fight today via referee stoppage after the 2nd round due to a cut over Daniel "Shrek" Peret's (15-21(6)) left eye. Peret, a Russian born fighter living in Norway, protested, but it wasn't enough to convince the referee to overturn his decision.

The 1st round, with Fury looking in better shape than his previous two fights, was all Tyson Fury as he easily used footwork and reach to keep the shorter Peret at a distance while popping his jab. Peret tried rushing a couple times but to no avail.

In round 2, Tyson let loose body shots, and full arsenal and had the usually durable Peret in trouble. But, somewhere in the multitude of punches Peret got cut over the left eye and the round ended with Peret wearing down along with a great punch landing to his midsection.

The ref reviewed the cut and it was all over even thought Peret yelled, "No! Are you crazy!" Clearly there was no way he was going to win this fight and most likely if it wasn't KO the ref would ahve stopped the fight in the next round or 2 regardless of the cut.

Good job on Tyson Fury's 3rd win as a professional. He's looking to fight again soon in 2 weeks March 14th and has called out ANY British fighter to face him. So far so good for Tyson lets see if any British fighters call him out in the next few days. Harrison perhaps?

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